Work and Dream
buziness organizer

One year ago when I just started my project, there were so many ideas and plans in my head, that I felt there was not enough place for them. Nothing has been changed by the moment, I have just got even more ideas and plans!
It took me a lot of time to understand, why working process was so uncomfortable and what I need to realize it? Finally I have understood, that I need a single place to write in everything about my project starting with a project budget and ending with annual goals. I did not have any place to fix my ideas. So there was not enough place in my head for new ones. I needed some instrument to chek out my development and to see how far I am from the beginning, a place to analyze my victories and failures, plan weeks and months and organyze myself. And now after one month of hard working my organizer has been created! I want to show it to you!

You can dream of making a half year journey for a long time, or of becoming independent from office work or of learning to swim. But you will be really closer to your dream, if you have made the first step! Turn your dreams into goals and do not be afraid to achieve them!

Sometimes it seems that you stand still and nothing turns out/occurs. But if you take a look back, you will find out what a great way you have passed. I have made this organizer in order to have an easy access to your past experience, whether it is good or bad, of last weeks, months or even the whole year!

Why should you wait for being graduated or getting a big salary, or coming free time or holidays, if you can start moving mountains right now? I decided to make this organizer undated to give you freedom of starting anytime without waiting till Monday!

What's inside?:

  • pages about your project
  • monthly calendar
  • weekly calendar
  • to-do lists
  • goals and dreams pages
  • your monthly budget
  • motivation quotes
  • linen blank pages
  • moodboard page
  • conclusion of the year

  • А5 size
  • 256 pages
  • Pocket inside
  • Undated! You can start right now!
  • 0,5 kg

  • All organizers will be shipped at the start of May, but dates can change
  • Special price for pre-order $43
  • Free shipping worldwide